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YES on Charter Amendment 19
We Endorse Seattle Districts Now!
Charter Amendment 19 is a good-government proposal with strong bipartisan support. Please join the 45,000 Seattle voters who helped put this on the ballot plus the individuals and groups listed below who have endorsed the Seattle Districts Now Campaign in voting YES in November on Seattle Charter Amendment 19.

.Click here (or email if you would like to add your name to this list.

WA Speaker of the House Frank Chopp
State Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson

Ben Schiendelman
Charleete M. Black
Joe Martin
John V. Fox
Faye Garneau
Gary Clark
John McSweeney
Eugene Wasserman
Cleve Stockmeyer
Toby Thaler
Bill Bradburd
Glenn Avery
Geov Parrish
John Barber
Chas Redmond Thomas Whittemore
Marisol Munguia
Kirk Robbins
Mathew Patrick Thomas

State Senator Maralyn Chase
State Rep. Gael Tarleton

Chas Talbot
Bruce Bowden
John Reese
Nancy Reithaar
Sinan Demirel
Christi Muoneke
Justin Simmons
Ruth Wilson
Sarajane Siegfriedt
Rusty Williams
Paul Bigman
Cheryl Jones
Carla Miller
James Bush
Chris Van Dyk
Kim McDonald
Jeff Smith
Albert Peng
David Bloom
Kathy Dow
Julius Caesar Robinson

State Senator David Frockt
KC Councilmember Rod Dembowski

Yusef Cabdi
David Yao
Alice Woldt
Ted Van Dyk
Jennifer Dee
Pat Murakami
Janine Blaeloch
Mary  Klein
Jef Jaisun
Al Rasmussen
Anna Nissen
Jeannie Hale
Thalia  Syracopoulos
Erik Stanford
Curt Firestone
Dustin Washington
Kirby Lindsay
Bob Gutherie
Donna Hartmann-Miller

State Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles
State Rep. Jessyn Farrell

Dwight Pelz
David Miller
Vincent Furfaro
Fred Quarnstrom
Mark Baerwaldt
Jeffrey L Herman
Elizabeth Campbell
Mariana Quarnstrom
Matt Fox
Greg Buck
David Sucher
Patricia Paschal
Patrick Tompkins
Delight Roberts
Chris Leman
Mike McCormick
Dennis Saxman
Revel Smith
Susie Burke
Jeff Jasun

State Senator Sharon Nelson
State Rep.
Gerry Pollet

Ronni Gilboa
Jayne DeHaan
Phil Bereano
Mary Lou Barian
Mary Pat DiLeva
Jan Brucker
Daniel Norton
Scott Morrow
Carl Winter
Stewart E. Perry
Victoria M. Perry
Kathryn Keller
Knoll Lowney
Gene Hoglund
Diane Snell
Peggy Papsdorf
Brian Ramey
Marcus Evenstar
Betty Means
Dorothy Lengyel

King County Dems
King County GOP
46th District Dems
11th District Dems
NW Progressive Institute

Chas Redmond
Susan Helf
Sonja Richter
Liz Anderson
Alan Castle
Brie Gyncild
Jeanne Legault
Roger Pence
Edyth Koch
Joan Lawson
Rick Barrett
Jules James
Nancy Amidei
John Niles
Don Hopps
Michael Bancroft
Oliver Osborne
Chris Arkills
Richard Nimmer

Paid for By Seattle Districts Now, Sponsored by Faye Garneau
Top 5 sponsors: Faye Garneau, Susie Burke, Ellen Taft, James Bush, James Coombes
300 Queen Anne Ave N #380, Seattle, WA 98109-4599 -- 206-526-1366
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